Many Mornings Belgium

Many Mornings socks are perfect for people who find order in chaos, avoid banality, and above all - are more often driven by the heart than by reason. Just like us when we’re coming up with new concepts, and creating new designs and models. It's all for you! Fall in love with our mismatched socks and wander away with them into the unknown!

Let's start from the beginning..


We unfasten the roller skates and start our crazy sock adventure

Probably the first model of unpaired socks in Europe - Fish and Scales ?

Iconic mismatched designs are created: Bee Bee ? and Tropical Heat ?-
they accompany us to this day ?

We are conquering abroad the first stationery store in the Netherlands in Amsterdam ??

?We started with the first own store in the hometown of ?ód? in Manufaktura Shopping Center?

Our first serious interview for Gazeta Wyborcza ?

?distinction by ?ód? Design in the Must Have plebiscite 2016

We received the title of Microenterprise of the Year 2016 in the START category for the youngest companies and a distinction from the jury of the Micro Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 Competition gala !!!

Change in the Share A PAIR formula - since the beginning, we have distributed over 100,000 pairs of socks to those in need. We decided to change the formula to do more and now we spend 5% of our income on charity ????

Since then, we have been playing for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, designing the final socks!

We land at the prestigious Bright Tradeshow in Berlin ?

Our first international collaboration! Many Mornings x Barbie :) ?