Bottle 750ml Belgium

Say Helllo to your new Belgium bottle.

Keeps its content cold & warm: Keep your water cold up to 24 hours and your coffee hot up to 12 hours. 

High quality: This 750ml water bottle is made with food grade 18/10 stainless steel and is BPA-free.

Eco-Friendly & Durable: Say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles and reduce your everyday plastic use. 

Leak-proof top: The bottle is leak proof with an easy-to-open twist-on top.

Stay hydrated to stay healthy: Take your bottle with you everywhere you go.

A few tips for cleaning your bottle:

Never leave liquid inside your bottle when not using it

Clean your bottle daily with very hot water and don’t forget the top. You can also soak it in some water and bicarbonate (an excellent long-lasting cleaning agent) and rinse thoroughly before re-using it

We advise you to fill your bottle once a month with a mixture of ½ of water and ½ of white vinegar and to leave it for a whole night. Do the same with all the accessories. Rinse thoroughly before reusing it.

We do not recommend the use of the dishwasher to clean your bottle as it could get worn out very quickly. Please handwash only.


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